With Sony recently announcing plans to release a next-generation console sooner rather than later, there is a lot of speculation of what they might be planning. Let’s start with the most likely things, before moving on to the more speculative hopes and dreams of the fan-base.

4k 60fps

With both Sony and Microsoft releasing variants of their flagship consoles capable of 4k gaming, this seems like the most likely feature. The 60fps has to be the main aim for the platform, as they seek to replicate the abilities of the PC, and with 4k TV’s starting to take over the market that seems to be the next jump for consoles. If Sony can make 4k 60fps the standard while keeping the price low, the PlayStation 5, or whatever Sony decides to call it, can compete with a similarly priced gaming PC.

A Sub $500 Price Tag

In order to compete in the current console/gaming PC market, I cannot see a console priced over $500 being a financial juggernaut. Last time Sony let a console with a decent storage capacity go over $500 was the 60gb PlayStation 3 at $599 in 2006. Once the PlayStation 4 pro settles at $400 dollars, I imagine an extra $100 for their next-gen console is likely.

2tb Base Model

In a world of day-one patches and increasing digital downloads, 2tb is a very reasonable storage capacity for the next PlayStation. I could also see them releasing a 4tb model upgrade for an additional price increase. If Sony wants people to buy directly from them via their online store, they need to allow the proper space in which to download games.

A Service To Rival Xbox Game Pass

Ever since Netflix killed Blockbuster, and GameFly came on the scene renting video games to consumers, people have been hoping for a way to combine the two. This year game pass has made a splash by creating a way for Xbox One owners to play a wide variety of games for a monthly fee. Now that Microsoft committed to launching exclusives day-one, PlayStation Plus isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Backwards Compatible Controllers

This is a big maybe at the end of this list, but I really think that PlayStation knocked it out of the park with the DualShock 4. It would be nice if they let players carry it over and use this excellent peripheral. I could see then updating the specs of the controller with a major improvement in battery life.

Those were 5 things with varied likelihood to be features of PlayStation’s next console. If you can think of any other possibilities please feel free to leave your responses in the comment section below.