The New Zealand based independent games studio Aurora44, which was founded in 2013, will be showcasing their debut title Ashen at PAX Australia this year! 

Ashen is a third-person, open world action RPG that takes place in a world where there is no sun. The only natural light in the game comes from a mythical creature called the Ashen, which after thousands of years has returned and restored light to the world. It will be up to the player to protect it from those who would prefer the world to stay in darkness.

Some of the games core mechanics include open world exploration, stamina based combat and passive multiplayer, meaning people will be able to interact with other real world players that they come across in the game. They will have the option to work together on quests, tackle dungeons as a team or go their seperate ways.

Other key features of the game include in-game creatures, such as “rare, lonely giants” and “hungry, twisted inhabitants of the night.” There will also be a town called Vagrant’s Rest where characters that are met along the way will return to and make their home. Completing quests for them will provide the player with useful resources to help them survive on their journey.

The core of the game revolves around building and forging relationships. Other travellers that are met throughout the game will hold their own unique skills and crafting abilities that will strengthen the players chances of survival while exploring the world. Deciding who to trust is also a factor as other players may have their own agendas while playing.

Ashen will be releasing on PC and Xbox One later this year and will be available on the Xbox Game Pass service at launch as well.

For those interested in getting their hands on the game at PAX Australia, the convention will be held between the 26th-28th of October and tickets are still available to purchase online. Updates on the game can also be found on Aurora44’s Twitter account and official website.