Harley Quinn

The Trailer for the upcoming animated show on DC Universe, Harley Quinn, has been out for a while now and we are going to tear it apart for fun! Harley Quinn has hit her stride when it comes to popularity in recent years, so it is no surprise when she got her own animated TV show. What is a surprise, however, is how many fourth-wall breaks and Easter eggs DC was able to squeeze in. If you haven’t seen the trailer here it is below.

Now that you’ve watched the trailer let’s break it down. DC used this video drop to introduce a new voice actress to fill the shoes of Harley Quinn and from what can be heard in the trailer, Kaley Cuoco is going to make an excellent Harley Quinn. The Character design and art style look incredibly interesting and well done with the animation being just as fluid. This trailer also sets up the fourth-wall breaks we can expect to see throughout the trailer. Anyone who is a fan of Harley Quinn will know her relationship with Poison Ivy and the dynamic portrayed here will be intriguing to explore. The trailer screams tongue and cheek and it is delightful. From Poison Ivy’s comment on not being able to please everyone to Harley Quinn mocking the Deadpool cartoon that got canned from FX, is just a riot. DC is very self-aware about how their other media ventures are dark and gritty and Harley Quinn’s reaction is priceless. We also get our first look at Batman, and if that is not Kevin Conroy, the voice actor is doing one hell of a job.

As for the Easter eggs Harley Quinn is wearing her Iconic hat and mask from her first appearance with the Arkham jumpsuit. We also see an image of The Joker’s head on a cardboard cutout of a bodybuilder. This may be a plot point in the show where she still carries a torch for him and may bring in some much-appreciated character development. We can also see Poison Ivy reading a comic book where the word bubble is screaming “HARLEY!!!” this is a fun little snippet that may have gone unnoticed.

“Comedy, action, and gratuitous violence” sign me up! From what was shown in the trailer this is shaping up to be a phenomenal show to be eagerly anticipated. If it delivers on even one of the things she promised, we are in for one hell of a ride.