Raspberry Pi, the company that created a tiny computer in order to teach people about computing and how they can use it to help them solve problems, is launching a new gaming themed magazine. Dubbed Wireframe, the magazine will include the usual content you would expect from a gaming publication, including news, previews and reviews, but the magazine will mainly focus on indie gaming. In keeping with the theme of Raspberry Pi, the magazine will also have behind the scenes looks at game developers, and guides on how to start developing your own games. In a post from Russell Barnes on the Raspberry Pi website:

Cutting through the hype, Wireframe will have a more indie-focused, left-field angle than traditional games magazines. As well as news, reviews, and previews, we’ll have in-depth features that uncover the stories behind your favourite games, showing you how video games are made, and who makes them.

On top of all that, we’ll also help you discover how you can make games of your own. Our dedicated Toolbox section will be packed with detailed guides and tips to help you with your own game development projects.

Wireframe will launch on the 8th November, with issues being released every two weeks. Physical copies will cost £3, with subscription options available. The digital version of each issue will be available for free. There are also opportunities to get a free physical copy of the first issue on the website. This issue will contain an exclusive interview with Alex Hutchinson, the director of Far Cry 4, about the setting up of his new independent studio in Montreal, Typhoon Studios and his “louder, brasher” new game. From looking at the cover of the first issue, there is also content on Fallout 76, and a piece about the early years of the British games industry.


More information can be found on the website here