Elder Scrolls 6


The Elder Scrolls 6, the highly-anticipated game in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series, is unlikely to launch until the next generation consoles for Xbox and PlayStation.

At PAX Australia this weekend, Gamespot spoke with Zenimax Online Studios game director Matt Firor, where he confirmed that Elder Scrolls 6 is likely to be a long time away, and it has to do with timelines and Bethesda’s other planned games.

“The easiest thing is look at how it was announced; it was Starfield and then [Elder Scrolls 6]. You can go back and count the years between Bethesda Game Studios releases and you’ll get the idea that [The Elder Scrolls 6 is] not coming anytime soon,” Firor told Gamespot.

TES VI was announced back in June during Bethesda’s E3 conference, along with another sci-fi single-player game by the studio, Starfield. The main focus of their conference was showing gameplay for Fallout 76, the multiplayer action game set in a post-apocalyptic West Virginia.

Bethesda’s single-player sci-fi game announced back in June at E3.

“[The Elder Scrolls VI] is big and it’s ambitious, but also…the most important thing to underscore is that the timeline between products that you get from BGS is not any different than it has been historically just because we’ve talked about two games after Fallout 76,” Pete Hines, marketing boss for Bethesda, told Gamespot.

“I try really hard to manage people’s expectations. It’s not like ‘Fallout 76 this year, Starfield next year, and then TES6 the year after that.’ The timeline isn’t any different. What’s different is just trying to be transparent and say, ‘Don’t freak out, the next thing we’re doing is single-player [in Starfield], [and] we are making TES6,” Hines added.

PlayStation has already revealed that the PS5 will be the next-generation of PlayStation consoles, but Sony’s head of PlayStation says it still likely “three years away”. Microsoft has also made announcements during E3, though Xbox boss Phil Spencer did not share any specifics regarding the new Xbox console.

As for Bethesda, their next planned game release is Fallout 76, and it is set to come out November 14.