PAX East

Tickets to Penny Arcade Expo’s mainstay event, PAX East, are now available. Held in Boston, Massachusetts, every year, the 2019 iteration of the convention will be held from March 28 to March 31.

A convention “for gamers,” PAX East focuses on gaming culture, including mainstream, indie, and tabletop titles. PAX is billed as a celebration of the hobby and features panels and events for the widest of tastes.

However, that does not mean that games don’t play a big role. As PAX East starts, so does the flow of news, with announcements and trailer drops being common occurrences. And, of course, hundreds of studios are set-up on the show floor, offering in-person demos of upcoming titles and plenty of swag. This news comes in advance of the industry’s largest event, E3, held a few months later.

PAX East is held every year at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, located in the city’s Seaport district. As a Bostonian myself, I feel obligated to inform you that the weather can be absolutely frigid around that time of year, especially given the convention center’s proximity to the ocean. So, all attendees, cosplayers in thin clothing especially, are advised to bring some warm weather gear, as the wait in the security line outside can be extensive.

Badges for PAX East went on sale on Tuesday. As is typical, Saturday badges are going fast, and are likely to be sold out by the time you finish reading this article! Periodically more Saturday badges will be added to give those who missed out the first time more opportunities. My personal preference, however, would be Thursday, as the hall is not nearly as crowded, the lines are short, and the noise not as deafening. PAX East 2019 tickets can be bought at this link here.