PAX Australia has sadly come to a close after three jam packed days but don’t fret, there are still plenty of great indie games to check out from the show floor!

I spoke to so many interesting people over the weekend and played a lot of games that I wouldn’t necessarily have gone for had it not been for the convention. That’s why I love PAX so much, it’s a great way to get introduced to new titles from some of those more underrepresented developers.

I’m so excited to see what next year brings but for now, here’s a roundup of day three!

TeePee Studios

TeePee Studios is a company that specialises in video game, film and VFX services. This year they showcased four of their new upcoming in-house titles and I was lucky enough to demo three of them! 

Dimensions VS was the first one I played, it was reminiscent of games like Super Smash Bros and Tekken and was a lot of fun to play. One of the developers was even cosplaying as one of the characters from the game ‘Televisor’ which I thought was a nice touch to their booth.

Staff Wars was also a lot of fun and probably my favourite of the three games I played. It is a fast paced multiplayer where players compete against each other on an ever changing ground. Blocks on the floor will continuously keep falling off while other players attack you with their magical weapons on hand and it can get pretty hectic when playing with four people!

Beast Rush was the last game I demoed from TeePee, it was still in an early development stage when I played through it so it was interesting getting to see a game at PAX almost from the ground up! The gameplay felt fluid and I felt like there was a strong element of teamwork when playing.   

The studio definitely has a great understanding of how to make games that bring people together and it’s nice to see. I also spoke with Thomas Sutcliffe, the CEO of the studio who was very enthusiastic about the culture of their company. There’s a huge focus on team work and co-operative play within their titles and I could tell that it was something the team was very passionate about.

Staff Wars and Dimensions VS are available now on Steam.

Ghoul Britannia: Land of Hope and Gorey

Ghoul Britannia is a point and click adventure game developed by Binary Space. It is set in a world where Brexit has triggered the zombie apocalypse and follows a young woman named Hope Andrews who is on a journey to reunite with her family after the outbreak has occurred.

It’s a bit more of a niche game compared to some of the others I saw on the show floor but I found the concept of it interesting. I got a bit of a feel for some of the character’s and the world that the game surrounds.    

Brian Fairbanks, the sound designer working on Ghoul Britannia also specialises in accessibility, particularly for blind gamers so you can expect there to be lots of helpful accessibility options implemented in the game!

Ghoul Britannia is coming to PC in early 2019.

Little Reaper

Little Reaper is a colourful adventure platformer developed by Little Reaper Games. You play as Ollie, the Grim Reapers’ tiny (and oh so cute) assistant! He has been tasked with minding Grim’s mansion while he is on a much deserved holiday, but Ollie accidentally cracks open a jar containing an important collection of souls.

Each level tasks the player with collecting the lost souls and reaping enemies in their way and there are hidden collectables throughout that will unlock bonus content from the game. I absolutely loved the art style and the levels were so fun to explore as well. The team at Little Reaper Games has a focus on creating games that are enjoyable for everyone and I really felt like I got a glimpse of that during my playthrough.

Little Reaper will be available on Steam in the near future and the studio will be looking into other console releases after Steam. 

I absolutely loved my time at PAX Aus this year and I’m really excited to share more about some standouts I saw from the show too. For more PAX Aus related content be sure to check back here at GameRVW!