Ring of Elysium's

After clues, teasers and a trailer, Ring of Elysium’s new map is finally available to play after a major update to the game. Ditching the snow and pine forests of its initial setting, players will fight in Europa, an island with a warm climate and a “magnificent coastline”.

The new map also causes a change to Ring of Elysium’s ‘disaster’ element, swapping out an impending snowstorm with an imminent volcano eruption which spills dense ash clouds all over the map. As well as a new setting, the update introduces the dynamic weather system to the game, which allows for various weather types which change during the course of a single playthrough.

The update also includes some new travel options. Players can start a game with a BMX, or a Just Cause style grappling hook. New vehicles also make an appearance, with a few cars, 2 boats, and even a sightseeing submarine. Two new LMGs are available, the PKM and the MG4, the latter of which is obtainable solely through airdrops.

For players who enjoying customizing their appearance and unlocking new clothing options, the update also marks the start of the Season 2 Adventure Pass. This introduces 3 new unlockable characters, and cosmetic items for both free to play players, and those who choose to buy the pass.

For the time being, the From Dusk Till Dawn game mode, which was introduced in December, will be unavailable, although the Early Access Patch Notes state there will be a “Round Two”. The original map will still be available, but only during certain times, also listed in the notes.