Netflix has cemented itself as a juggernaut in the world of streaming services and has modernized binge watching for a new generation. Being able to sit down with your family for hours on end and be invested in a group of characters is something made distinctly more possible through these means. If you and your family are fans of animation, or you want to watch something fulfilling while you babysit, Netflix has you covered.

*Disclaimer* This is just an opinion piece, if a show you enjoy isn’t on here that doesn’t mean it’s not good. They are all exclusives, so they’ll always be on the platform.

1: Hilda

            Hilda is an absolutely stunning show from both a visual and content standpoint. It follows the adventures of a young girl moving and adapting to her new life in a place which is the total opposite to that which she grew up in. Without getting too much into the show it has a lot of fantasy and mythological elements, often with an urban backdrop. This is a very wholesome show with a good message for any and all who watch. If you are about to move or have recently moved and your kids (or you) are having a hard time adapting, Hilda might help with the transition. If you enjoy shows like Over the Garden Wall or Gravity Falls but want something lighter on scares, Hilda would be a great choice.

2: She-Ra and the Princess of Power

Don’t let the name fool you, despite being geared towards young girls this show has a lot to offer even for the manliest of men. From betrayal, to dealing with the harsh reality of your situation from an outside perspective, She-Ra and the Princess of Power still sends a positive message. Friendship is the key theme the show likes to explore and manages a wide and diverse cast of characters that can appeal to a variety of tastes. This is not the She-Ra you may remember from the 80’s, but the modernised version for a new generation – and it really works in their favour. For a surprisingly mature story with an uplifting and empowering message, She-Ra and the Princess of Power is well worth the binge.

3: Dragons: Race to the Edge

 The show with the most seasons on the list, like the name suggests, DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge (also Riders of Berk) exists in the How to Train Your Dragon universe. This expands on the lore and takes place at the same time as the first few movies. The show introduces a lot of different dragons and colorful characters that really make the world feel more alive and changing. Given that the show had 6 seasons to work with, the characters are a lot more fleshed out and far better able to tell their different stories. The villains also got better and more well written, an issue with the franchise as a whole, as they had the time to make them more compelling to root against. With the movie series wrapping up this past spring, Dragons: Race to the Edge is a great way to deal with your withdrawal from the beloved franchise.

There are a lot of animated shows on Netflix for you to discover, these are only a handful of the excellent offerings from the streaming service. So, if you are in the market for something to watch alone or with your family, any of these shows would make an excellent choice.