Releasing on May 28th, Blood and Truth VR allows action movie fans to live out their fantasy as a near-indestructible British film protagonist, taking down bad guys, making things explode, and shooting grenades out of mid-air, often in slow motion, for some reason.

The game follows former special forces solider Ryan Marks, who is returning to London to help his family fight off a criminal gang. The developers are self-confessed action movie fans, with Simon Hermitage, the studio’s Senior Principal Designer stating “If it’s been in an action movie, we’ve either done it, or we’ve though about doing it.” I had an opportunity to play a demo version of the game at Insomnia64, and even in a 20 minute playthrough, there were plenty of setpieces to enjoy watching.

This guy’s number was up

The controls felt smooth and intuitive, even to someone with limited VR experience. Movement is done with a button on the Move controller, and is used to switch between fixed points in each area. This makes moving the character feel easy, but it may feel too ‘on-rails’ for some players. A nice touch in the demo was that the action segments were broken up with a few mechanics that utilise the controllers, such as using the toolkit to pick a lock or get access through a door. These moments were small but fun, and the toolkit opens itself whenever you reach an area where it is required, meaning you don’t need to fiddle through an inventory or have any confusion about if you need to do something specific to continue.

Blood and Truth VR has all the potential to become an excellent VR FPS title, and could stand out as a game with a full length story in a market of VR games that rely purely on arcade or arena style gameplay to entertain the player. The game comes in at £34.99/$39.99 on the Playstation Store, so the game’s story will need to be long enough to justify the price tag.