39 Days to Mars is a charming little cooperative indie puzzle game that possesses a pleasing aesthetic whilst following a sci-fi narrative.

The Good

       Weaving a narrative in a puzzle game is a challenging thing to do well and they do a passable job. The puzzles work well with the cooperative gameplay creating both fun and interesting scenarios for you and your friends to get through. The music that accompanies you throughout the game is really superb at helping to set the mood based on the differing events throughout. The art style is really reminiscent of old maps meshed with pseudo-steampunk designs.

The Bad

         The game relies on having two players being available even though it has the option to be played solo. This means that the single player feels really awkward, enough so that even the developers advise against it in the game menu. Throughout the game, there are repeat puzzles and they are not fun. It feels like they were included to pad out game time and it breaks up the action stopping you from doing other, more interesting puzzles. There may be a cultural boundary that makes the repeat puzzles funny for a certain group, but it is one of the weaker points of the game regardless. Towards the end of the game you are forced to learn a completely different set of controls which I personally found quite frustrating.

The Conclusion

         Overall, the game is a little short for the price tag, but if you like puzzle games and you want to introduce someone to them, it is a great stepping stone. The co-op is the main driving point behind this game, make sure you have someone to play it with. If you have a special someone in mind, settle down one night and enjoy a spot of tea and play 39 Days to Mars.