Day: 9 June 2019

Ninja Theory
2 minute read

E3 2019: Microsoft | Obsidian Shows Off Trailer For The Outer Worlds

A typically dramatic countdown clock heralded the beginning of this year’s Microsoft contest, and we might be in for a good’un. Obsidian Entertainment opened the show with its sci-fi epic The Outer Worlds, which looks like an absolute bucketload of […]

Ninja Theory
1 minute read

E3 2019: Microsoft | Ninja Theory Debuts New Multiplayer Title

Ninja Theory has taken the spot as Xbox Game Studios’ flagship new acquisition. They return, here, to share a game they had in the works long before they were bought out by one of the world’s largest corporations. The third-person […]

5 minute read

The Most Exciting Rumored New IPs Of E3 2019

While this console generation has seen the release of many amazing titles, unfortunately, there hasn’t been a surplus of new AAA franchises. Microsoft has relied on Gears of War, Forza, and Halo, while Nintendo has leaned on old classics like […]