Ninja Theory

A typically dramatic countdown clock heralded the beginning of this year’s Microsoft contest, and we might be in for a good’un. Obsidian Entertainment opened the show with its sci-fi epic The Outer Worlds, which looks like an absolute bucketload of fun. Halcyon is the furthest colony in the galaxy, a sprawling neon dreamscape controlled by non -specific and menacing “corporations”. That is where a challenger to the system comes in, a hero to overthrow the corrupt systems of the world. Also, he may be a psychopath.

This presentation wasn’t long enough to offer up too much detail on what the title will play like, as well as any of the more intricate systems or mechanics. Obsidian’s track record speaks for itself, however, and I’m fairly excited with what I saw from this one, even if it is a bit of a snap judgement.

The conference itself has set off at a rapid pace, showing off the new Ori game as well as a previously leaked effort from new flagship studio Ninja Theory. Phil Spencer was also keen to let everyone know that they are showing off 60 games, including 14 from Xbox Game Studios, in an effort to address criticism from audiences for their lack of quality exclusives.

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