Wolfenstein is getting two new games to add to the series. The first, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, is designed for VR and will be available to play from July. Alongside this we are also getting Wolfenstein: Youngblood, promising more weapons and upgrades than ever, as well as the most Nazis ever. Great.

The real kicker is that this will offer an online co-op mode. Set in the 1980’s, BJ is missing in Nazi occupied Paris and it is up to his two daughters to get him back (which is how they’ve worked the co-op angle in). The video we got looks like the particularly bonkers fare we have become used to from the series, and with updated graphics it also looks really pretty too. Sure it looks a bit samey, but why fix what ain’t broke. This will also be available in July, the 26th specifically, for basically every platform you can envisage.

Arkane Studios are out next, with Dinga Bakaba leading proceedings. Whilst they did help with the Wolfenstein games, they are actually here to announce first-person action title Deathloop. The game takes place during a “time of madness” and follows deadly rivals Colt and Juliana in a game world that falls somewhere between RAGE and Fallout.

It seems to feature gun battles as well as kinetic abilities like those we saw in Dishonored. Either way Deathloop looks like one of the more stylish appearances we’ve seen on the stage today. Again your choices will make a difference to how the story plays out, so it looks like picking a side in the battle will be the big decision here.

Bethesda are wrapping up their announcements now, but make sure to stay locked in to GameRVW for more.