Roller Champions

We’ve just been shown a trailer for Rainbow Six: Quarantine, a three-person co-op game coming to platforms in 2020. Promising radical redesigns, it promises to fill the game in PvE games whilst it’s big brother Siege does all the PvP stuff. The brief theatrical trailer did looked promising, but there isn’t a lot on this one yet.

Next up is what’s next for The Division 2, as we are seemingly going through all the Tom Clancy games in one big chunk. It will be going free for all on June 13th, until June 16th, and that isn’t all as content drops are also abound. Episode 1 arrives in July as we get new main missions, and a countryside retreat as the player is tasked with leaving the city for the first time. Kenly College is a new gameplay experience, involving investigation and problem solving.

Next The Division 2 Episode 2 has brought the Pentagon to the fore. Having fallen to the Black Tusks, you are tasked with getting it back. There will also be a second 8-player raid of which we got precisely 0 detail. Episode 3 is the final effort for the year and is by far the most interesting, a manhunt which tasks the player with catching a traitor to the cause. The last order of the day is the new movie, which will be made in co-operation with Netflix.

I’m still doing what I do, so please do keep coming back for more great content throughout the entirety of E3.