Roller Champions

I’m still here trying not to weep at how much cramp I have in my hand. Roller Champions has just been shown off, a roller derby game which seems to take its cues from Rocket League – could be one of those addictive skill based-sports arcade games if we’re not careful.

In some really mad news it’s actually available to play from today, well the alpha that is. It will be up for the next few days (June 10-14) so don’t miss out, as it looks like a boatload of fun. A combination of racing and skill based ball games it’s one of the most unique entries we’ve seen across all the conferences.

Yves Guillemot is upon us for his annual happy-go-lucky speech. Having not met him, he really does just seem like the most likeable guy. But now a sneak preview, could it be the latest in the Assassins Creed series? Well, no. Gods and Monsters is a mythological foray into a cartoon world. We didn’t get much more than that but overall it’s been a great showing from Ubisoft! Watch Dogs Legion looks like the big winner, but we all know how hype for that series can turn out…

We’re all done at this year’s Ubisoft conference, we hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage and do visit us again in the future.