E3 is getting through the last of its major conferences for this year, with Ubisoft up next to bat. After Bethesda had a so-so showing, Ubisoft is looking to hold it’s own or better with their latest batch of announcements. Already maximum showmanship points for Assassin’s Creed Symphony, a live classical performance to accompany some of the most classic moments from the games (including that awesome Borgia fight scene). It really is a very pleasurable journey through the history of Creed, put on by some very talented people. Nothing to complain about thus far.

But what was it all for? Well, wonder no longer! Assassin’s Creed Symphony will essentially be a scaled up version of what we just watched. An 80 piece tour playing the iconic themes set to an immersive visual experience? Don’t mind if I do.

AND IT’S HAPPENING PEOPLE. Watch Dogs 3 is on the way, set in London and featuring some of the most stereotypical accents you could ever want, the gameplay footage looks great. It features all the usual Watch Dogs fare, but featuring some much meatier looking combat. The option to surrender when critically wounded looks like an interesting dynamic, but it’s the permadeath feature that really ups this one to the next level. When your character dies, you have to create a new character. Deaths also lead to some dynamic dialogue options which react to what has just happened. Very impressive. Plus you can be a nan.

Known as Watch Dogs Legion, it also seems that players will be able to switch between characters, completely missions across London using a variety of killsets. Dialogue continues here between your usable characters, as you switch from one to another. It’s very intuitive and technically impressive. Watch Dogs 3 is releasing March 6th 2020.

We’re going to stay locked in to Ubisoft’s conference so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for fresh content imminently!