Roller Champions

We are chugging along nicely in an Ubisoft conference which has already given us Watch Dogs: Legion, the third in the series, and a new TV show about the world of developing an MMO. Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet follows the makers of the most popular MMO on the planet as they navigate the trials and tribulations of a demanding community.

Jon Bernthal has arrived, and he’s only bought a fantastic bloody dog with him. I know I’m supposed to be talking about him announcing the new Ghost Recon game, Breakpoint, BUT LOOK AT THE PUPPER. In the game he leads a group of elite troops known as the Wolves, a spec-ops detachment tasked with the most challenging missions imaginable. Other than that we’re fairly light on detail but it looks like normal Ghost Recon stuff. Keep an eye out for more on that, as we approach the October 4th release date and September 5th Beta..

There was also the announcement of Delta Company, a community where fans are supposed to showcase “why they love” Ghost Recon. It sounds like a weird concept but it wasn’t particularly in-depth so there is hope yet.

We move on to a mobile RPG which, if I’m being honest, just looks like further attempts to suck down money from the franchises big names. Featuring Sam Fisher and a host of other Ubisoft legends, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad does look fun, and it’s art style is refreshing. But yeah, I can’t quite get over my gripes with this just yet.

THANK GOD THE DANCERS ARE HERE! Let me watch this in peace…

I’ll continue to keep churning these out while you keep reading them, so make sure to keep it locked throughout E3.