Steam Summer Sale

The 2019 Steam Summer Sale is finally going live, with the rush of consumers causing an expected level of technical issues with the Store page. There are far more discounts on offer than we could list here, but we have chosen some select titles that we think are particularly good value. The sale runs until July 9th, and with a lack of any flash sales or daily deals, you have plenty of time to pick up some bargains.

Featured Games and Franchises

Valve has listed a few titles in its featured section that they think that players will go for. A few good picks:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – £24.99 – 50% discount. Still a fairly hefty price tag, but a solid discount considering it only hit shelves in October of last year.

Devil May Cry 5 – £29.69 – 34% discount. A great reduction on a major 2019 release.

Soulcalibur VI – £16.49 – 67% discount. Though it drew some flak from fans over the custom characters, this is a huge discount.

The Witcher Franchise – Numerous discounts. The trilogy and its DLC all on offer, with Thronebreaker also getting a 50% discount. Special note to the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY Edition at £10.49, including two excellent DLCs. A must have for any RPG fan who has (somehow) not yet played this franchise.

Other Games

Monster Hunter World – £24.99 – 50% discount. The franchise’s first outing on PC has a bit of a slow start, and will take some getting used to for those who are unfamiliar with the rather unique style of gameplay, but it’s well worth sinking some time into.

Divinity Original Sin II – £17.99 – 40% discount. If you love choice, and enjoy finding creative ways to deal with situations that you encounter in your RPGs, then this title is an excellent one to pick up whilst it’s on sale.

Frostpunk – £12.49 – 50% discount. A title that flew somewhat under the radar, this singleplayer survival/city builder combo looks fantastic, and is well regarded for its atmospheric setting and challenging gameplay.

Prey – £9.99 – 50% discount. If you fancy bagging a bonus discount by getting two of Bethesda’s single player titles, you can get Prey bundled with Dishonored 2 at a 60% discount, coming in at £20.23.