Month: October 2019

2 minute read

EA Returns To Steam

EA have announced that their titles will be making their way back to Steam in a new partnership, which kicks off with the launch of Jedi: Fallen Order on November 15th, which is now available for pre-purchase. EA’s subscription service, […]

1 minute read

Shroud And Gothalion Move To Mixer

Two more notable streamers have made the move from Twitch to Mixer, following in the footsteps of Ninja some weeks ago. The names in question are Gothalion, who often streams Destiny and Borderlands, and Shroud, who is of course a […]

Crusader Kings 3
1 minute read

Crusader Kings 3 Announced with 2020 Release Date

Earlier today, a release trailer for Crusader Kings 3 was uploaded to Paradox’s Youtube channel, giving the game a 2020 release date. Despite insistence from many fans, the announcement was not for a long-anticipated Victoria 3, but was definitely for […]

9 minute read

PAX AUS 2019 : NEXT Exhibit “Made By Hand” Showcase!

One of my favourite parts of PAX Australia over the years has become the NEXT Exhibit. As a huge fan of the Australian indie game scene, it’s always a treat getting to discover new titles from more underrepresented creators and […]

PlayStation 5
3 minute read

Playstation 5 Gets Holiday 2020 Release and Hardware Updates

Earlier today, CEO Jim Ryan declared that Sony’s next console (to nobody’s surprise) would be named the Playstation 5, and that it would see a holiday 2020 release date, presumably to try and get the consumer christmas demand, and perhaps […]

11 minute read

Indivisible Review | Mind Over Matter

Indivisible is a charming patchwork of different genres, a game that’s disparate styles of play are woven together to create a varied and satisfying experience. Its combat systems are deeply indebted to timing-based JRPGs like Valkyrie Profile, presenting pseudo-turn-based combat […]