Epic is back again with more free games on offer, stuffing the Christmas stockings we’re too lazy to take down with digital goodies. This week’s free Epic Store offerings are Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Bloober Team’s Observer.

A spin-off to 2010’s Alan Wake, American Nightmare is Remedy’s most recent title in the franchise. Although the studio is committed to making more Alan Wake games, their latest titles have been 2016’s time-bending Quantum Break and 2019’s reality-bending Control. Speaking of which, Control features several easter-eggs and tie-ins to the Alan Wake series, as Kotaku details here.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is a bit of a departure from the original, wherein some of the stronger horror elements are replaced by darkly comedic storytelling. That’s not to say the game is not scary, however. While not as gripping as the original Alan Wake, its a decent entry in the criminally-small franchise that is worth playing if you’ve got the time. Hey, it’s free!

Bloober Team’s Observer is another horror title on offer on the Epic Games Store. Clearly Epic wants you to have a spooky October! This cyberpunk-themed title lays heavily into the psychological aspects of horror, in a manner not at all unlike Frictional Game’s masterful SOMA. For those looking for a solid scarefest with an interesting world and fun gameplay, you can’t go wrong picking up Observer. Again, for free.

And that’s it for this week’s free Epic Store titles! Be sure to pick up Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Observer soon, as they will no longer be free a week from now.