Remedy Entertainment’s latest title, Control was a surreal, fantastic experience. The game’s surprising amount of content gave it a long playtime for any gamer who decided to get immersed in its world. Now, Remedy is adding more content to the game, starting with a Photo Mode for all your screenshot-taking needs.

Control has received praise for its gorgeous visuals, made even more incredible through the use of NVIDIA’s RTX technology. Particle-heavy combat combines with an in-depth physics system to create some truly breathtaking scenes. Now, players can capture these moments in detail with the new Photo Mode. In this new mode, players can move the camera around the world to get their preferred angle for a screenshot. The view can be rolled, filters can be added, and certain in-game objects can be hidden to create an unobstructed view. Players can then save their shots an post them on their favorite social media feeds.

The Photo Mode is not the only new downloadable content coming to Control, however. Later this year the “Expeditions” update is due, wherein players control Jesse Faden in challenging combat scenarios to test their reality-warping skills. And in 2020, two large expansions are due. The first, Foundations, is expected early in the year; in it, Jesse will delve into the history of the game’s Oldest House. The second, AWE is set to release in mid-2020. This will involve Jesse investigating “Altered World Events,” paranormal happenings affecting everyday society, and bring her to an entirely new sector of the Oldest House, the Investigations Sector.

All in all, fans of Remedy’s latest title have a lot to look forward to. Be sure to check out Control’s new photo mode, and stay tuned for more content for the game in the coming months.