Conglomerate 451

Back in December, I wrote an Early Access review for Conglomerate 451. The game has recently gone into full release, and this article will cover the changes in the game from the previous review, and whether or not these changes affect the overall conclusion on how good the title is.

The most noticeable change since the previous review is the change to the voice of Ego, the robot companion that joins you on missions. The new voice is an improvement on the previous one, but many of the lines of dialogue are the same, and the delivery is still a bit awkward. Another touch is that you now have the option of starting each mission either in the city or directly into the mission area, giving you a choice between doing some exploring or diving straight into the mission content. This choice is nice, but unfortunately the mission environments are still too repetitive, and going down the same corridors again and again got tiresome.

Echoes were added into the game as a new item that can be found during missions. They can be brought back to your facility after a mission ends, and you can use your tech resources to decrypt the contents to uncover tidbits of lore. It’s an extra thing to look out for, but ultimately Echoes do not seem to add much to the game, and players who are stringent with their resources may not wish to spend them to uncover some lore material.

Other content additions were added since our December review, including some new bosses, and the possibility of being visited to undertake certain missions in story mode, but the game remains largely the same. Conglomerate 451 feels like a competent, functional game that does several things well, but falls short on delivering on a narrative front and has core gameplay that’s ultimately too repetitive to be engaging. On the plus side, the price point is low and the amount of hours you could get from the title is impressive, so it could be considered a low risk chance purchase. Gamers who enjoy a Cyberpunk setting or who are fond of this style of game will likely be able to get some fun from the title, however, those looking for an RPG with an engaging story may be disappointed.