Realpolitiks II, the sequel to the 2017 RTS of the same name, will be coming to PC’s this fall, according to a joint announcement from developer Jujubee and publisher 1C Entertainment. Although there’s still a fair way to go before the game’s release, there are a large number of confirmed features, including  some which didn’t feature in the original. The title continues its tradition of sprawling fun, borrowing elements from other Grand Strategies to offer an experience which includes 216 playable nations from which to start your empire.  

It does look as though this effort into the pursuit of political dominance will be considerably more detailed than last time out, with a number of changes to the feature set and tools promising a more immersive experience than we’ve seen up to now. The first, and probably most significant of these changes, are the overhauls to both the economics of the game, and the combat. Whether these changes are going to be distinctly visible, or more weighted towards the back end, is currently unclear, but it is promised that it will have a significant effect in how the game plays out, as well as the methods the player can employ for victory. All the fun nuances of global politics return, whether you’d like to be a fun-loving, free-market capitalist or channel your inner Fidel Castro, this should all be possible.

The other major addition is one which is sure to please hardcore strategy fans and casual gamers alike – the introduction of modding support. Unavailable in the first game, the tool will supposedly allow players to “create your very own campaigns, scenarios, units, and nations!”. The open-ended language here would lead us to believe that it won’t be very long before we’re able to oversee the rebuilding of the Westfold as Theoden, or head back to Ancient Rome for some really risky politicking.

We’ll be sure to update you with both a preview and review Realpolitiks II when it hits virtual shelves, so make sure to check back to the site for more content every day – it really helps!