Master Mirror

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game might just be the most successful “game that started as a game in another game” of all time. A popular pastime in the wonderful world of the Witcher, the transfer of the CCG to its own standalone format has proved hugely successful for CDPR, with the game garnering positive reviews and huge numbers of downloads on PC and mobile. As a mark of this ongoing good fortune, the game now has a bunch of new content for players to sink their teeth into, including this newest effort in the Master Mirror expansion set.

The Master Mirror expansion revolves around Gaunter O’Dimm (one of the better villains from the main game series), first introduced in the Hearts of Stone expansion for The Witcher 3. Bringing with it over 70 new cards (including 11 neutral cards), the most exciting addition to gameplay is the arrival of six unique, legendary faction cards. These cards have the interesting mechanic of evolving throughout the course of a game. Take, for example, Eithné – Queen of the Dryad’s. When first entered into the feel she appears in the form of Eithné Young Queen, spawning a young dryad and transforming at the start of the round. She then changes to Eithné Mother, which allows her to spawn two dryads in the row if she deploys, before finally becoming Eithné: Wrath of the Brokilon, her most powerful card form, motivated by the untimely death of her child. You can check out the details for each new legendary in the handy video guide below.

There are two new abilities now in play as well, the first of which, Veil, allows players to shield an allied unit from negative statuses, and Devotion, which enhances skills of cards with that keyword (but only if the deck consists entirely of faction specific cards).

Lastly, to celebrate the release of the Master Mirrow expansion, a new timed event is now underway. “Gaunter’s Ultimate Challenge” is available until August 5th and allows players to complete special tasks for their faction to earn titles and other prizes.

All of this new stuff is live now so make sure to head over there and do your bit before the event times out next month. Also make sure to check back to the site for more gaming news.