Hello everybody and thanks for joining us for written coverage of this month’s Xbox Game Conference. The July edition is expected to be the biggest of all in terms of announcements and gameplay reveals, so sit tight. The rumoured announcement of the price points for this generation of consoles is one to look out for, although there is no guarantee that Xbox will play ball with Sony foregoing declaring theirs.

Say what you like about the lack of exclusives in this generation but Xbox really do know how to put on a presentation. There’s no standing on ceremony as we head straight into a cinematic trailer for Halo Infinite BUT IT DOESN’T END THERE – GAMEPLAY PEOPLE! The demo opens up with the classic sci-fi emergency spaceship landing. The graphics, as expected, look great and the facial animations add to the atmosphere of the dialogue significantly.

Following that, we head out into the world as we first did so long ago, and it is unmistakably Halo. Sure, it has a lot of shiny new bells and whistles, but from the Warthog to the Unggoy, the HUD to the armour, it looks like everything a fan would want it to. The landscapes are also lovely, retaining enough of the original charm of the earlier games whilst updating the visuals.

There are a lot of new weapons on show, ranging from shotguns to plasma cannons. We also get a look at who will, presumably, be the main antagonist of the game, a war hardened alien with a gnarly facial scar hell-bent on destroying humanity. What’s not to love?

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