Fall Guys

Devolver Digital’s latest title, dubbed Fall Guys, is essentially what happens when you put Takeshi’s Castle into video game form. Each match sees 60 individual players compete in different mini games, with only so many qualification spots available for the next round. The herd becomes thinner with each game, until a final round takes place with only 1 winner.

The game’s mechanics are very simple. Each player controls a jelly-bean like character that can jump, dive through the air, and grab (either onto other players or objects). Being knocked by environmental hazards or other players will knock your character over, which will delay you, so judging how many other players are around may determine which path you want to take. Game modes are split into different types, such as the race modes, where players have to navigate various hazards to reach the end before their rivals, memory games, survival modes, and others. There are also team games, broken down into either 2, 3 or 4 sets of teams, depending on the game mode and how many players are left. There is decent variety to the game modes, although the developers would need to occasionally add new modes later down the line to keep the title interesting. One criticism of the team games is that they can lead to control being taken out of the players hands, as however well you do individually is irrelevant if you are let down by bad teammates. This can be particularly frustrating in games with 3 or 4 teams, as some teams can be spontaneously ganged up on by others. However, the team modes do allow for some more variety in the game types.

In the days following it’s release, there have been sporadic server issues or maintenance outages, which has been frustrating, but understandable given the immense popularity of the game on launch. Thankfully, I found that once I was in a match, I didn’t tend to have any issues during it, such as disconnections. In terms of customisation, there are two currency types that players can use to buy aesthetic options for their jelly-beans. Kudos are earned by playing games, and leveling up your battle pass for the season. Kudos can also be purchased through a real money shop. Crowns can only be earned by winning games or with certain level milestones in the battle pass. There are also 2 DLC options available in the form of the Fast Food Costume Pack, and the Collector’s Pack. Both contain cosmetic items, with the Collector’s Pack also containing a discounted set of Kudos. Whilst it’s a shame to see both day 1 DLC and a real money shop in a non free to play title, the game itself is cheap, and the extra content is cosmetic only, and Kudos are otherwise easy to earn through playing the game.

Fall Guys is simply, quirky, endearing and manic. It’s a great title to enjoy with friends, and it has a pretty low price tag. The DLC isn’t really worth the extra cost, as unlocking cosmetics is pretty easy anyway. There are a few minor gripes with some of the team modes, and everyone will likely have a game type that they don’t enjoy as much as others, but once the server issues are fully resolved, I can’t think of many reasons not to pick this one up.