Apex Legends

The sixth season of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale title Apex Legends has launched, bringing with it a host of new content. The biggest change in store for players is a new legend. Joining the cast is engineer and modder Ramya Parekh, known more commonly as Rampart.

Rampart is a defense-focused legend that can fortify a position with both cover and heavy weaponry. Her tactical ability allows her to place energy barriers that teammates can both hide behind and shoot through for bonus damage, while her passive gives Rampart herself increased ammo capacity and decreased reload time with light machine guns. And her ultimate is a heavy turret that she has lovingly named “Sheila” — players can jump on this gun emplacement and unleash a volley of fire on enemies.

In addition to the new legend, Season 6 brings a new battle pass with 110 tiers to unlock. The Boosted pass contains new legendary Pathfinder and Bloodhound skins, weapon skins and charms, loading screens, music packs, and in-game currency. A new type of item also debuts in this new season: holo-sprays. Players can place these holographic projectors anywhere on the map to taunt enemies or celebrate a victory. A new weapon has also been added to the loot pool, the Volt SMG, which veterans of Titanfall 2 will find familiar.

Season 6 also contains changes to one of the two maps in Apex. World’s Edge will see a major overhaul, with new facilities and terrain transforming this large arena into a brand new experience. Hammond Robotics has made their presence known throughout the level, and these new locations offer tantalizing hints to future story developments and gameplay content, including the mysterious Olympus, the supposed site of the game’s next map. While players were certainly disappointed that they did not get a new arena to romp around in for Season 6, Apex Legends fans still have plenty of content to keep them occupied for the foreseeable future.