Following complaints from the community of the high price of Blizzard’s Classic World of Warcraft Character Cloning service, the company has announced that they will reduce the cost from $35 to $15.

On the 18th May, the Burning Crusade Classic Pre-Patch will go live on the classic servers, prompting a choice to players who will decide if they want to stay on their current realm and have the Burning Crusade content go live at the start of June, or transfer for free to a vanilla experience. Blizzard decided to add the Character Cloning feature, which allows for players to have a copy of their character on both versions of Classic WoW, but the price they were originally asking caused a negative reaction, prompting Blizzard to lower the cost of the service.

“…over the last week or so, we’ve gotten a very large amount of feedback from the community, and we’ve decided to lower the price. A lower price will likely still accomplish our goals with the new service, while allowing many more players to explore the option of playing characters on both Classic Era and Burning Crusade Classic realms.”

Blizzard have faced similar criticisms for the prices of their in-game services before, including the high cost of character transfers to different realms, and more recently the Dark Portal Pass, another Burning Crusade Classic service, which costs $39.99 and offers a one time character boost to level 58, only usable on Burning Crusade Classic realms.