Rumors continue to circulate regarding unannounced entries in the Silent Hill horror franchise. The site VGC recently stated inside sources had confirmed multiple Silent Hill games are currently being worked on under publisher Konami’s supervision. Their sources claimed that there is a new mainline game, a smaller episodic series, and a Silent Hill 2 remake currently in development.

Game journalist Jeff Grubb and YouTuber NateTheHate recently said they had heard rumors from insiders that there are multiple Silent Hill games in the works. One of these is reportedly a remake of Silent Hill 2 that is being worked on by Bloober Team, the makers of Layers of FearObservation, the recent Blair Witch game, and The Medium. NateTheHate claimed that this remake may have reworked puzzles, new endings, and be a time PlayStation console exclusive. 

In 2021 Bloober Team’s CEO Piotr Babieno stated that they would be working on “another horror IP” with “a very famous game publisher.” Following this, Bloober Team announced that they were partnering with Konami, the publishers of the Silent Hill series. However, some fans are disappointed that the studio may be handling a remake of the horror classic. Bloober Team’s previous game The Mediumwas criticized for its portrayal of mental health issues, and some fans take issue with the idea that Bloober may be handling the remake of a game that deals with similar conflicts. Others are critical of this beloved game being remade at all.

Last week the leaker AestheticGamer, otherwise known as Dusk Golem, posted four images on Twitter that they claimed were from an unannounced Silent Hill project. Their original Twitter post was quickly taken down following a copyright claim. These leaked images, which can be found here, include a character that has not yet appeared in the series, and feature British slang, which has led some to speculate that the game may be set in the United Kingdom. However, according to AestheticGamer, these images are from 2020, meaning that it is unknown if this particular project is still in development.

VGC’s sources stated that these leaked images are part of a free teaser game similar to PT, meant to promote the upcoming Silent Hill projects. These sources also claimed that the mainline entry is being worked on by a Japanese development studio and that Konami had contacted a number of developers and publishers for the smaller titles, such as Annapurna Interactive. This string of rumors comes a year after the strange saga of Blue Box Game Studio’s unreleased game Abandonedwhich many had speculated was a new entry in the Silent Hill franchise. However, it seems possible that this new string of leaks and rumors may have some basis.