Battlefield V

Battlefield V
3 minute read

EA Play 2019 | What’s Next For Battlefield V

The third item on the EA menu was Battlefield V, and what the future holds for the brutal WW2 shooter. The first new map on show is Marita, named after the operation surrounding the battle for Greece, which finds itself […]

Battlefield V
1 minute read

Battlefield V Beta | Impressions of an Idiot

Take a look at the second video in our new series, Impressions of an Idiot. We will be throwing a number of people, usually Ollie, in at the deep end, to watch them flap about in a game they have […]

Battlefield V
2 minute read

New Battlefield V Trailer Drops

A flashy new trailer for DICE’s upcoming Battlefield V has just landed online. With epic, large-scale battles, the new video showcases several different maps and environments. To the tune of a cover of “House of the Rising Sun,” machine guns are fired, […]