2 minute read

Can eSports Be Stopped? It Really Doesn’t Look Like It…

There can be no denying that eSports, as a medium of entertainment, have massively increased in popularity over the last five or more years. With the advent of platforms like Twitch and YouTube’s live streaming feature, it has never been […]

8 minute read

Can The ESports Industry Clean Up Its Act?

The eSports industry, despite the skepticism of many, is a huge market, with Newzoo claiming that in 2018 the market will be worth over $900m and will reach an audience of 340 million people. The most impressive feat of the […]

6 minute read

eSports: The Rise And Expansion Of A Digital Community

Competition exists at every activity and skill level imaginable. From high school basketball teams, to marching band competitions, to talent competitions and even the Olympic Games, people come together for a common purpose and end goal. While the purpose and […]

3 minute read

HyperX Announces First Licensed PlayStation Headset

Sit back relax and feel what’s being called the most comfortable headset for playstation users. HyperX have introduced the new Cloud headset, the first officially licensed headset from the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company Inc. Sony have given the […]