God of War

7 minute read

PlayStation Showcase 2021 Hits and Misses

Well that was it. That was our look at what’s coming next for PlayStation, and it will probably be all we will get for the year. This was a strong showing, bolstered by an whiplash of a last 10 minutes, […]

7 minute read

PlayStation Showcase 2021 Predictions

That’s right folks, it’s finally happening, we are getting an official big boy PlayStation Showcase this Thursday September 9th. The hype is careening through the roof, and Sony itself is leaning into it, not deconfirming one thing besides a showing […]

5 minute read

Opinion: We’ve Waited Long Enough For A New PlayStation Showcase

Folks, I’m just gonna put out there what everyone has been thinking since the middle of June: We’ve waited long enough for Sony’s next big PlayStation showcase. I’m not talking about the occasional State of Play or the more focused-on-one-game […]

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The Sandbox Myth

For the last 10 years or so it seems that Sandbox style games, games that allow little limitation on character and world, have become the forefront of gaming technical ability. Developers seem keen to make huge and vast worlds that […]

9 minute read

Our Ultimate Gaming Recommendations From 2018

2018 was a pretty monumental year for gaming, with some huge AAA releases and indie surprise packages, gracing our consoles with their mere presence. With that in mind I asked our esteemed group of contributors to choose their favourite game […]

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The Narrative Fetch Quest Problem

It’s no secret that it is absurdly difficult to tell an effective story in the context of video games. Weaving an engaging narrative that boasts well-integrated themes, interesting characters, and a satisfying genre-piece is difficult enough as is, but the […]

Ludonarrative Dissonance
9 minute read

What Is Ludonarrative Dissonance, And Does It Matter?

We’ve all seen it before. Our game stars a charismatic protagonist, one that could generally be described as a good person. In the cut-scenes or dialogue they are largely a moral figure, one that we are comfortable playing as. However, […]

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Our Personal Game Of The Year So Far Awards

With over half of the year behind us, we decided to take a look at our personal favourite games of the year so far. Some of these may be controversial choices, some of them less so, but these very much […]

skyrim mods
2 minute read

Mod Lets You Bring The Wrath Of Kratos To Skyrim

The inextinguishable modern classic, Skyrim, must be one of the most modded games in history, so its difficult to make a project stand out in such a saturated field. That being said, taking advantage of another games popularity may well be […]

fuck yeah video games book
2 minute read

New NerdCubed Book Breaks Crowdfunding Record

A new gaming book by Daniel Hardcastle, better known as YouTuber NerdCubed, has broken a crowdfunding record for the shortest amount of time taken to reach its goal. Fuck Yeah, Video Games is billed as a video game memoir and managed […]