3 minute read

LudoNarraCon | Lake First Look

This is part of a series of articles covering games featured at this year’s LudoNarraCon, a digital convention which aims to celebrate the very best that narrative focused video games have to offer. They were kind enough to invite us […]

Game of the Year 2020
6 minute read

Blazing Sails | Early Access Review

Note: This review was written on the 6th December 2020 on version 1.1.6 of the game. All the information about the game at this stage was accurate to the best of the reviewer’s knowledge. You’d be forgiven for not being […]

5 minute read

Swords ‘n Magic And Stuff | Early Access Review

Over the past several days, I’ve found myself engrossed in a fantastical world. A world that I’m also very much looking forward to staying engrossed in for quite some time. On September 8th, Kindred Games released Swords ‘n Magic and […]

Fall Guys
4 minute read

Fall Guys | Review

Devolver Digital’s latest title, dubbed Fall Guys, is essentially what happens when you put Takeshi’s Castle into video game form. Each match sees 60 individual players compete in different mini games, with only so many qualification spots available for the […]

2 minute read

KARDS: Theaters of War | Review

It’s been just over two months since the full release of 1939 Games’ immersive World War II CCG KARDS, arrived on Steam. In that time, the game has received a steady supply of content, including various events and deck highlights. […]

8 minute read

KARDS – The WWII Card Game | Review

From developer 1939 Games comes a passionate endeavor to create an engaging and unique CCG (Collectible Card Game) experience. Let me be the first to tell you, it hits that mark. A history buff’s dream, KARDS sets a high bar […]

11 minute read

Doom Eternal | Review

In 2016, id Software once again took the gaming world by storm with their fantastic reboot of the Doom franchise. Inspired by the retro-shooters of old it was a non-stop deluge of viscera and pure adrenaline. Placing as much emphasis […]

5 minute read

Final Fantasy 7 Remake | Preview

It’s been almost 20 years since the first whisperings of a remake of beloved RPG landmark Final Fantasy 7 began floating around convention floors, gaming magazines, and internet forums. Well everybody, it’s almost time. As of the time of writing […]

Hidden Through Time
4 minute read

Hidden Through Time | Review

A family friendly game for all ages, perfect for keeping children busy for several hours during a lockdown. The world is a stressful place, so for a game to come along with no violence and very easy controls it is […]

5 minute read

Damsel: Nintendo Switch Edition | Review

I first played Damsel at PAX Australia back in 2018 and remember feeling hopeful that it would be playable on the Nintendo Switch. I, myself, don’t own a high powered gaming PC and wanted to give the game the love […]

World of Horror
6 minute read

World of Horror | Review

From developer Panstasz comes a captivating love-letter to cosmic horror, and to the stories and storytellers that wove its rich tapestry. When I first sat down with World of Horror, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. From my pre-game […]

9 minute read

Blackwake Review

After a few years in Early Access, the multiplayer pirate combat title Blackwake gets an official full release. Being a game made by a tiny dev team that relies heavily on word of mouth rather than a big marketing budget, […]

The Falconeer
5 minute read

The Falconeer Preview: A Soaring One-Man Title

When I first caught a glimpse of The Falconeer at PAX East, I was certainly impressed by what I saw. This beautiful game puts you on the wings of a falcon that you control in flight, exploring and fighting your way […]

4 minute read

Impressions From PAX East: Chivalry II

The original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare filled a niche that had, surprisingly, remained relatively unfulfilled until its release. The 2012 title gave gamers the chance to step into the shoes of a knight participating in bloody, gore-soaked combat. Now, almost eight years later, […]

Conglomerate 451
3 minute read

Conglomerate 451 Follow-Up Review

Back in December, I wrote an Early Access review for Conglomerate 451. The game has recently gone into full release, and this article will cover the changes in the game from the previous review, and whether or not these changes […]

Vampire's Fall: Origins
6 minute read

Vampire’s Fall: Origins PC Review

With rumours circulating of the fabled Witchmaster marching his army across the land, you volunteer your help to the militia of your sleepy village. Grabbing whatever equipment you can get ahold of, you aid the village in whatever meager way […]

Warhammer Underworlds: Online
6 minute read

Warhammer Underworlds: Online – Early Access Review

Note: This game was played on the final beta build of the game before the Early Access release on January 28th. Games Workshop has used their universe to spawn a number of video games to compliment their tabletop ones. On […]

Hell Let Loose
8 minute read

Hell Let Loose | Early Access Review

Note: This is an Early Access review, written on January 5th 2020, and using the respective version of the game. WWII shooters are hardly a new concept, in fact they have been pretty much done to death at this point. Gamers the world over could be forgiven for […]