Day: 18 June 2018

2 minute read

Video Game Addiction Is Now Officially A Mental Disorder

  I’ll be honest, this piece of news has me racking my brains as to what to say but here goes. On Monday, the WHO (World Health Organisation) declared video game addiction as an official mental disorder. The newly classified […]

For Honor
2 minute read

Last Day To Get For Honor At The Low Price Of Free

If you enjoy playing video games, but don’t enjoy spending money on them, then please hold off before you hit your favourite torrent site. Ubisoft have offered up For Honor at it’s lowest price ever – literally £0.00/$0.00. This has […]

3 minute read

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Will Feature Further RPG Consequences

You’ve got to hand it to Ubisoft, they are consistently trying to find ways to keep the Assassin’s Creed series relevant and interesting. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will feature RPG style consequences including dialogue options (which we knew about already) and dynamic decision […]

PlayStation Now
2 minute read

PlayStation Now May Soon Allow Users To Download Games

Sony’s game streaming service PlayStation Now may soon allow their users to download games. The news comes from a recent post made by a PS Now user on Reddit that shows a screenshot from the service’s pause menu. Listed in […]

Rise of Insanity
2 minute read

Rise Of Insanity Comes To Xbox One

It’s a problem we all have. You wake up, get ready to face the day and try to plan out which video game will best allow you to explore the deepest recesses of your anxiety addled mind once you get […]