Month: September 2019

6 minute read

Untitled Goose Game | Review – HONK HONK HONK HONK

He who HONKs last, HONKs loudest The Untitled Goose Game initially caught the world’s attention in a Nintendo Direct. The Australian developers, House House, released brief snippets of what this game would be, giving little more information than “You are […]

5 minute read

Promare Review | A Fiery Spectacle

Since its founding in 2011, Studio Trigger has gained a reputation as the trailblazing punks of the anime scene. Their style, largely defined by studio co-founder and director Hiroyuki Imaishi, utilizes punchy, manic, and creative animation to deliver a particular […]

7 minute read

Moonlighter Review: Everyone’s Got A Side Hustle

In the age of the Milennial, even games have 2 jobs. Moonlighter is an indie rogue-lite that was released in May 2018 to reasonable popularity and acclaim, standing out from the crowd with its shopkeeping mechanics. With a new DLC […]

Loot boxes
2 minute read

UK Parliament Publishes Report Calling For Loot Box Regulations

On September 12th, the UK Parliament published the “Immersive and addictive technologies report“, which looked at several examples of potentially damaging business practices carried out by video games companies, as well as cases of gamers paying out large sums of […]

6 minute read

The Farewell Review | East vs West

Goodbyes are hard. And they are unbearably more difficult when they are final. Billi (Akwafina), the heroine of The Farewell, finds herself in this situation when she journeys to visit her sick grandmother in China. However, there is a twist. […]

19 minute read

Control | Review – An Exceptional Extranormal Experience

When I first saw Control’s reveal at Sony’s E3 2018 conference, I was instantly entranced by what I saw. A world inspired by one of my favorite genres, surreal horror? Reality-bending, fluid combat? Absolutely inspired environments, rendered in phenomenal detail? […]