6 thoughts on “A Secret Almost A Decade In the Making: In A Newly Discovered Easter Egg, Players Can Spot The Oldest House From Control In Alan Wake

  1. Keep in mind that Alan Wake received an update only a couple months ago, which can very well be the addition of this easter egg.

  2. It’s also worth noting that Alan Wake had another control foreshadow. Sarah Breaker, the Sheriff, gives Barry a list to call, starting with her father, and to use the codeword “Night Springs.” In “the Signal,” it’s mentioned her father is part of some secret society.
    It’s revealed in Control that Sarah’s father, Frank Breaker’s “secret society” is actually the FBC, and “Night Springs” is their codeword to warn them an AWE is in progress.

  3. The Oldest House isn’t there. After using the freeroam camera on PC, no building model is placed there at all. It’s very likely that you’re seeing the apartment’s hallway molding reflecting off the glass.

  4. If you launch the game with “-freecamera” and use a controller, you can click the right stick in to fly the camera around. The “pillars” are definitely a reflection, as there’s nothing out there other than a short building and some trees. It also disappears when you take the camera through the glass. It might be a reflection of the ceiling, or it might just be sort of a generic light reflection to make the glass feel more real.

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