Alex Salfiti

You can often find him in a dark, locked room scaring himself silly... Otherwise he spends far too much time making Spotify playlists. Twitter: @thealexsalfiti
5 minute read

Gamescom-eth | The Gamescom Awards Winners

It is that time of year again where a whole bunch of people who are obsessed with games descend upon the lovely city of Cologne for a little thing called Gamescom, and this year, yours truly is here, sat in […]

5 minute read

The Sandbox Myth

For the last 10 years or so it seems that Sandbox style games, games that allow little limitation on character and world, have become the forefront of gaming technical ability. Developers seem keen to make huge and vast worlds that […]

The Umbrella Academy
5 minute read

More Hit Than Miss | The Umbrella Academy (Spoilers)

There is a lot that can be said about new Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy. Its got aged superheroes, time travel, a mysterious end of the world agenda and most importantly one of the best soundtracks to a TV […]

3 minute read

Can Google monopolise the gaming industry too?

Google is one of the largest companies in the world, pretty much monopolising how we use the internet. From the humble beginnings of the search engine, we now see Google, and its umbrella corporation Alphabet, have at least a tertiary […]

6 minute read

Why Don’t We Complete Games?

With research suggesting the gaming industry has finally surpassed the video and music industry overall for the first time, it seems the generation of kids brought up on video games just won’t stop playing, however much that annoys their fathers […]

2 minute read

Tropico 6 Pegged For 2019 Release

  Get your dictatorship cap back on because you once again have the chance to be the tyrannical, but loved, El Presidente of your created masterpiece. That is right, Tropico 6 will be out next year releasing January 2019 for […]

3 minute read

HyperX Announces First Licensed PlayStation Headset

Sit back relax and feel what’s being called the most comfortable headset for playstation users. HyperX have introduced the new Cloud headset, the first officially licensed headset from the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company Inc. Sony have given the […]

7 minute read

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Review

Holy f**king christ, it arrived, it showed some of the most detailed open world mechanics to date and it did not disappoint, Red Dead Redemption 2 better be on the top of your gaming wish list, lest you be stoned […]

4 minute read

Why Horror Games Are The Best

  Sitting in the pitch black, headphones in and up to max volume, the screen the only light in the room. A strong feeling of trepidation slowly building in my gut along with a peculiar urge to pee despite just […]

2 minute read

Crash Bandicoot Tops Weekly UK Sales Charts

The Coot has done it, as figures show Crash Bandicoot’s latest re-iteration come out on top of this week’s charts across all platforms. Now that is impressive for a genetically modified marsupial, hell bent on collecting apples…. So what does […]

5 minute read

Stream Me Up Scotty

Streaming services are nothing new, but if Ubisoft’s CEO’s latest comment is anything to go by  it looks like hardware could become a thing of the past. Streaming services have always sounded good in premise, but for the most part […]

spyro remasters
7 minute read

The Remasters Rhapsody

Nothing made me happier than re-assuming control of Monsieur Bandicoot one more time after so many years, and with Spyro: Reignited Trilogy bound for a 2018 release, 13 year old me is bouncing for joy. Remasters can offer a nostalgic […]

Horderpoint featured image
2 minute read

Stuck Between A Rock And A Hordepoint

Call of Duty: WWII has a new game mode, so get ready to hark back to the days of Call of Duty: World at War and take on some zombies, but not in the way you might expect. HordePoint released […]

3 minute read

The Rocky Horror Gaming Show

£100 million to make a game?! You must be having a laugh! In the reveal of Shadow of the Tomb Raider we saw Square Enix announce a budget of £75-100 million to make the game. With a budget bigger than […]

6 minute read

The Story of Quantic Dream and Hollywood Storytelling

­Taking a shower, drying yourself with a towel, then going downstairs and making a coffee. All mundane activities in the real world, but whack that into a video game and suddenly it becomes the interactive phenomenon of the decade. Quantic […]