Chris Richardson

Chris has been playing games since he was 5. Which basically means he hasn't gone outside in 20 years. He went outside once but he said the graphics weren't very good. He likes games with stories and has many opinions on the matter, but will express them in the nicest possible way....most of the time.
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Telltale Games Are Being Revived – Wolf Among Us And Batman May Return

Fans of Telltale Games can rejoice as, after their heartbreaking closure last year, assets belonging to the former episodic-adventure developer have recently been purchased by LCG Entertainment. Headed by James Ottilie, CEO of mobile games developer Galaxy Pest Control, this […]

30 minute read

Telltale’s Top 10 – A Legacy Worth Continuing

It’s been more than a whole year now since, on 21 September 2018, a truly tragic thing happened. Practically the entire staff of employees working at the studios of veteran episodic-drama developer Telltale Games was suddenly and brutally let go. […]

22 minute read

Marvel’s Spider-Man | Review – Rocksteady Finally Have A Worthy Contender

It’s finally here. Insomniacs’s long-awaited PS4-exclusive tribute to everyone’s favourite wall-crawling icon has finally arrived. And my word, is it fantastic. The team behind Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive have seriously hit a home-run here; absolutely nailing everything from […]

20 minute read

Ode To A Spider – An Homage To Spider-Man Video-Games

I’ll be honest: when I started writing this article it was meant to be a piece looking into how Spider-Man games have ‘evolved’ over the years. I had planned to look at each release or sequence of releases, try to […]

8 minute read

Freeder’s Digest – Splinter Cell Conviction

Movies may have Jason Bourne. TV may have Jack Bauer. But games, well they definitely have Sam Fisher. These action giants have many things in common: they’re cool, they’re smart, they have severe unresolved anger issues. But more importantly, if […]

6 minute read

July’s PS Plus & Games With Gold Round-Up

It’s that time of the month again where we get a tidy bunch of free games, most of which we either aren’t really bothered about or have never even heard of. Well, luckily for you, GameRVW have decided to help […]

20 minute read

The Art Of The QTE: The Ups And Downs (And Lefts And Rights)

Ah Quick-Time Events…. Perhaps the ‘house spiders’ of universal gaming: annoying, not particularly nice to look at and it feels like they’re just everywhere; but if we try to suppress our instinctive state of repulsion for just a second, one […]

9 minute read

Haimrik Review – Putting the ‘Play’ in Wordplay

Ever the heard the pen is mightier than the sword? Well Colombian indie developer Below the Games has, and it seems they’ve taken it rather literally. Transporting players to a charmingly hand-drawn medieval setting, the studio’s newest 2D puzzle-platformer tells […]

halo infinite
4 minute read

343 Industries Nabs Seasoned Naughty Dog Texture Artist

Texture Artist Rogelio Olguin, who has been a part of the Naughty Dog team for over 6 years and played a pivotal creative role in The Last of Us and Uncharted series, is leaving the developer after receiving an offer […]

2 minute read

Telltale Games Working On Stranger Things Adaptation

Ever wanted to explore the upside-down? Coming hot off the heels of their announcement regarding the co-development of an ‘interactive’ TV adaptation of Minecraft: Story Mode, coming to Netflix in the near future, Telltale have now confirmed they are also […]

26 minute read

Emotional Gaming – 12 Times Games Made Us Cry

You can probably tell by the features on this site that we are strong advocates of the unique capabilities of video-game storytelling. That being said, it takes a truly special game indeed to immerse a player so completely in a […]

4 minute read

LEGO The Incredibles – Preview

Family Matters So here we are; another new entry in one of the longest running franchises in video games. Even discounting the handheld releases, we’re now closing in on Traveller’s Tales 30th Lego outing (with some having been developed by […]

detroit become human narrative piece
12 minute read

The Art of the Video Game Narrative

What essentially is a ‘narrative’? Is it a story? An experience? A journey of emotion? In short: yes. More than this however, it is a reality. Watching a film or a TV show is a rather unusual experience when you […]