4 thoughts on “The Deafening Silence In Camp Sony Should Be Frightening For Its Competitors

  1. You have too much confidence on something that’s far from guaranteed, buddy. You better watch your back, because all it takes is an instant to be on the ground.

  2. spny won the generation buy a land slide and their competition is 3rd place behind a hand held…sony ios just chillin and getting ready to destroy next gen.

  3. To the losers losing their mind on N4G, relax. This is typical Sony. If they do badly? And they are. Their success is grossly overstated. Financially they’re doing “meh”. What is it that Sony does that’s so great? They adopted every single anti consumer thing from the Xbox 360 (like paying for online), didn’t bother using that money to make a better infrestructure. Their UI continues to be a joke. Their lack of ball playing with partners when it comes to crossplay is annoying at best. We can finally increase the lifespan of all games by keeping everyone together and Sony gamers are against it? Yawn. The Sony fan has never been so narrow minded. The PS4 is overrated, their blatant lack of good ideas for the console is blindingly obvious and their fans are worse than ever. Sony is probably going to release it’s next console just like they did the PS3. Flat on it’s face. Success for Sony goes straight to their head.

  4. There is definitely something brewing for Sony that is for sure. I just hope that they get their heads out of their arses if they want to release another console in the next couple of years. The is by saying they need to make sure the next system at least has what the last system had from the very beginning of release.

    Sick of waiting for updates on a newer piece of hardware to finally bring what the old hardware already did….. Media center service at the launch of the 4 was completely missing to say the least. Heck you couldn’t even play a CD 💿 if you wanted to. I just hope both sides get their shtuff straight this next go’round as I’ll be the guy watching from the sidelines this time around. Just to see what these newer “anything’s” will offer. Or if they fall flat on their promises. I guess I’m just going to have to wait for digital foundry to break it all open when they do…

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