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Sony Completes Acquisition Of Crunchyroll

As of Monday, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) announced that it had completed its acquisition of Crunchyroll through Funimation Global Group, LLC. The $1.175 billion purchase was initially announced in December of last year. Crunchyroll is one of the largest anime-oriented […]

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8 Must Watch Anime From 2020

With this no-good terrible year coming to a close, it is time to look back at the anime that offered some small bastion of escapism amidst the dire circumstances. Although production was understandably affected by COVID, there was still an […]

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Why You Should Watch Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken

Masaaki Yuasa has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting creative voices in the anime industry, routinely helming projects that transcend the many cliches and ingrained assumptions that frequently define the medium. His latest project, Keep Your Hands […]

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My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising | Review

While superhero fiction has arguably reached an over-saturation point, Studio Bones’ adaptation of My Hero Academia has consistently stood out through incredible animation, strong battle shonen trappings, and an abundance of heart. The series’ latest film, My Hero Academia: Heroes […]

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Three Must Watch Anime From 2019

As we hurtle forward into a new decade, it seems as good a time as any to take stock of the previous year’s standouts in televised Japanese animation. As per usual, there was probably way too much anime released, with […]

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Promare Review | A Fiery Spectacle

Since its founding in 2011, Studio Trigger has gained a reputation as the trailblazing punks of the anime scene. Their style, largely defined by studio co-founder and director Hiroyuki Imaishi, utilizes punchy, manic, and creative animation to deliver a particular […]

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The Must Watch Anime on Netflix US

This list only accounts for the shows available in North America as of 3/10/19. From the rise of live action and CG reboots of Disney films to the ascent of Pixar and similar studios, it is clear that 2D animation […]

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Why You Should Watch Mob Psycho 100

While webcomic writer ONE is probably best known for his extremely popular series One Punch Man, he is also the author of another slightly lesser known story, Mob Psycho 100. From a cursory glance, the two are very similar, both […]

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Why Its Hard To Get Into Anime, And Three Great Introductory Shows

Anime gets a bad rap, and sometimes deservedly so. The medium is largely insular, with specific tropes perpetuating themselves through the imitation of other anime. According to a translation of an interview with the Japanese website the Golden Times, the […]

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Why You Should Be Watching Run With the Wind

Anime tends to be perceived as a medium that usually deals with the fantastic in some form, from the laser blasting martial arts of Dragon Ball, to the gargantuan human eaters of Attack on Titan. In a lot of cases […]

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My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Review – Heroism with Heart

Anime films that extend ongoing Shonen Jump properties tend to feel sparse at best, and cynical cash-grabs at worst. Since the writers of the film can’t guarantee that their audience will watch the optional extension of the universe, it’s tough […]

7 minute read

Why You Should Watch Thunderbolt Fantasy

Okay, bear with me for a second. What if one of the most prestigious anime writers around, Gen Urobuchi (Psycho Pass, Madoka Magica), teamed up with a team of Taiwanese puppet animators to make a Wuxia TV show (Chinese fantasy […]

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Steam Store Will Not Ban Games Unless They Are Illegal (Or Trolling)

In a move that will prove popular amongst gaming’s anti-political correctness brigade, digital distribution platform Steam has confirmed that they will not stop games from being listed on the store unless they are explicitly illegal (or specifically designed to troll […]