Blood Bowl 3
2 minute read

Blood Bowl 3 Closed Beta Launches Early 2021

The third instalment of the Blood Bowl titles, based off Games Workshop’s fantasy football parody tabletop game will be dropping in early 2021, after a delay earlier this year. Those who are itching to try the latest title as early […]

Red Dead Online
2 minute read

Red Dead Online Beta: Launch Dates Revealed

It is finally here. Players will be able to play the Red Dead Online beta tomorrow, November 27, if you purchased the ultimate edition of the game. Following this the beta will be released to the rest of the public […]

Battlefield V
1 minute read

Battlefield V Beta | Impressions of an Idiot

Take a look at the second video in our new series, Impressions of an Idiot. We will be throwing a number of people, usually Ollie, in at the deep end, to watch them flap about in a game they have […]

Fallout 76
2 minute read

Fallout 76 Public Beta Is Coming To Xbox One First

The next game in the Fallout series, Fallout 76, will debut on Xbox One with an open beta. Anyone who pre-orders the game can access the beta on the console of their choice, however Sony and PC users will have to wait a little […]