Conglomerate 451

Conglomerate 451
3 minute read

Conglomerate 451 Follow-Up Review

Back in December, I wrote an Early Access review for Conglomerate 451. The game has recently gone into full release, and this article will cover the changes in the game from the previous review, and whether or not these changes […]

Conglomerate 451
8 minute read

Conglomerate 451 Early Access Review

Note: This is an early access review played on version 0.8.6 of the game in December 2019. The cyberpunk genre has always been a popular one amongst gamers, from the Deus Ex franchise to the upcoming (and very much anticipated) […]

9 minute read

PAX East 2019: The Best Upcoming Games From 1C Entertainment

This year at PAX I was able to meet with Russia based publisher/developer 1C Entertainment, and see their catalog of upcoming games. If there’s a general theme among their upcoming releases, it’s that they seem to primarily be targeting the […]