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Detective Pikachu Review | Pokémon Noire

It’s no secret that video game adaptations have quite a bad track record. There are many reasons for this, from the fact that many of the most iconic game franchises aren’t very narrative focused, to the expensive nature of these […]

The Favourite
12 minute read

Five Must Watch Movies From 2018

Another year, another impossibly large crop of interesting films big and small. As the indie and international scene continue to thrive, it feels as though there is a consistent stream of pictures that are great but hard to find. Meanwhile, […]

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Mandy Review | A Hellish Descent Into Glorious Camp

What if an iridescent horror-show was bathed in the hallucinatory sensation of a fever dream, but then mixed with the B-movie charm of Nic Cage at maximum cheese? In a nutshell, this is Mandy, an action-horror flick brought to life […]