Rage 2

4 minute read

The Strongest Weapons In RAGE 2 | Guide

Rage 2 is Id software and Avalanche Studios’ latest open world shooter; with gunplay reminiscent of Doom 2016, you know the weapons pack a satisfyingly powerful punch. This guide should help you in deciding which weapons you want to tear […]

Rage 2
4 minute read

RAGE 2 | Preview

It was likely a surprise to most gamers to see an announcement trailer for a sequel to 2011’s RAGE drop on Bethesda’s Youtube channel in May 2018, given the mixed reception and rather forgettable nature of the original title, but […]

Rage 2
5 minute read

RAGE 2: A Potential Dark Horse Of 2019?

You could be forgiven for not being able to remember id software’s post-apocalyptic FPS from 2011. The game came and went without a great deal of fanfare, and whilst it was considered a competent and enjoyable shooter, RAGE’s forgettable nature […]

2 minute read

Bethesda Puts On A Show For Rage 2

Bethesda kicked off their special BE3 conference with a bit of a bang, as Andrew W.K. regaled the audience with his unique mix of long hair and keyboard solos. Having done the official soundtrack to the game, an appearance was […]