10 minute read

An Interview With Kyle Marquis

Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2 is set to finally release sometime in 2021. It’s already been 16 years since the release of the original Bloodlines, so World of Darkness fans are no strangers to waiting, but with the new game so […]

5 minute read

Swords ‘n Magic And Stuff | Early Access Review

Over the past several days, I’ve found myself engrossed in a fantastical world. A world that I’m also very much looking forward to staying engrossed in for quite some time. On September 8th, Kindred Games released Swords ‘n Magic and […]

Halo 3
1 minute read

Halo 3 To Release For Master Chief Collection on July 14th

It has been announced that Halo 3 will be joining the other titles already released as part of the Master Chief Collection on July 14th. This leaves Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 as the final pieces of the collection. […]

sea of thieves
1 minute read

Sea Of Thieves Steam Release Set For June 3rd

Back in April, it was announced that Rare’s Sea of Thieves, which was previously only available for PC through the Microsoft Store, would be coming to Steam. The Steam release date has now been confirmed as the 3rd of June, […]

Hidden Through Time
4 minute read

Hidden Through Time | Review

A family friendly game for all ages, perfect for keeping children busy for several hours during a lockdown. The world is a stressful place, so for a game to come along with no violence and very easy controls it is […]

2 minute read

EA Returns To Steam

EA have announced that their titles will be making their way back to Steam in a new partnership, which kicks off with the launch of Jedi: Fallen Order on November 15th, which is now available for pre-purchase. EA’s subscription service, […]

2 minute read

Don’t Worry About Stronghold, It’s Going To Be Just Fine

So we are currently experiencing everything that Gamescom has to offer and that, luckily enough for us, included a visit with the team at Firefly Studios. Now, first things first, we need to address *that* YouTube E3 reveal trailer. Initially […]

Steam Summer Sale
2 minute read

Steam Summer Sale 2019 | Best Deals

The 2019 Steam Summer Sale is finally going live, with the rush of consumers causing an expected level of technical issues with the Store page. There are far more discounts on offer than we could list here, but we have […]

60 Parsecs!
5 minute read

60 Parsecs | Review – An Absolute Blast

It wasn’t too long ago that I was lucky enough to take a look at a preview build for the much anticipated sequel to Robot Gentleman’s smash-hit, 60 Seconds! That game challenged the player to take on the role of a […]

60 Parsecs!
3 minute read

60 Parsecs! Looks Both Bonkers And Hilarious In Equal Measure

There is no denying that Robot Gentleman had an absolute smash on their hands with 60 Seconds! Selling 1.1 million copies to date, the game which challenged you to collect resources in real-time and get to a bunker, before a […]

This is the Police
6 minute read

This Is The Police 2 Review: There’s A New Sheriff In Town

Sirens are wailing on the streets of Sharpwood This is the Police 2 is, predictably, the sequel to This is the Police which released last year. The original was a game that divided public opinion; some people saw it as […]

Monster Hunter: World
2 minute read

Monster Hunter: World Arrives On PC

Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World is now available on Steam. Originally released in January 2018 on the Xbox One and he PS4, Capcom announced that they were planning a PC release later in the year. The action role-playing game sees you hunting down […]

3 minute read

BlazBlEU – BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Is Out Now In Europe

Th excellent BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is out now in Europe. Available on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the game is an excellent fighting title that bridges the gap between those who don’t play many games of this genre, […]

Rise of Insanity
2 minute read

Rise Of Insanity Comes To Xbox One

It’s a problem we all have. You wake up, get ready to face the day and try to plan out which video game will best allow you to explore the deepest recesses of your anxiety addled mind once you get […]

Dad Quest
2 minute read

Get Your Father’s Day On With Dad Quest

It’s that time of year when you have to work out what you can buy your dad that he will actually like, but that doesn’t cost as much as that whisky he wants.  Well, thanks to GameRVW, you now have […]

Just Cause 4
1 minute read

Just Cause 4 Confirmed By Steam Error?

An advertisement for Just Cause 4 has been spotted on Steam. The fourth game in Avalanche Studio’s Just Cause series has been rumoured for some time, but not much is known about the title. Like its predecessors, it will likely feature an expansive open-world to […]

2 minute read

Steam Store Will Not Ban Games Unless They Are Illegal (Or Trolling)

In a move that will prove popular amongst gaming’s anti-political correctness brigade, digital distribution platform Steam has confirmed that they will not stop games from being listed on the store unless they are explicitly illegal (or specifically designed to troll […]