Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

4 minute read

Nintendo Is Doing Its Own Thing, And That’s Great.

In the final chapter of GameRVW’s look at the big three on the gaming landscape, we take a peek at Nintendo, the omnipresent outsider to their slate grey colleagues at Microsoft and Sony. It seems to have always been this […]

Nintendo E3
3 minute read

Nintendo E3 Conference: The Games To Watch

At E3 this year, Nintendo is once again following the beat of their own drum. The Nintendo E3 presentation had rapid-fire new titles as well as some fine details, where they announced a variety of games to satisfy fans of […]

2 minute read

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Has Every Hero Ever, Even Snake (Video)

Going into Nintendo’s E3 conference, pretty much everyone was expecting a return to the most famous brawler of all. Well, now they have, showcasing the game’s updated look for the Nintendo Switch and it did not disappoint. Super Smash Bros. […]