The Last of Us 2

Game of the Year 2020
7 minute read

GameRVW Writers’ Game Of The Year Awards

Welcome, everyone, to the annual GameRVW Writers’ Game Of The Year Awards. We asked some of our brightest and best to give their personal choice for the coveted Game of the Year title and why, with the different selections covering […]

Gamers' Choice Awards
3 minute read

CBS’s Gamers’ Choice Awards Recap: Fortnite Tops As Fan-Favorite

The Gamers’ Choice Awards, which showcases fan-favorite video games from the year, aired this weekend, marking Fortnite among gamers favorite game from 2018. Unlike the Game Awards show in Los Angeles on Thursday, which was only available via livestream, the […]

Sony best and worst game
10 minute read

Hits And Misses From This Year’s Sony E3 Conference

Another year, another mortal struggle for dominance among the big three console publishers. While Microsoft opened strong with a renewed commitment towards first party games and a slew of other showings, Sony doubled down on their strong first party presence. […]

The Last of Us Part 2
2 minute read

Sony Present Extended Look At The Last Of Us Part II At E3

PlayStation opened their 2018 E3 conference with a haunting, if somewhat random, banjo performance, before jumping straight into an extended look at Naughty Dog’s much anticipated sequel to The Last of Us. Ellie is older, and seemingly spending her nights playing tonsil […]