Gaming News of the Week
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Gaming News of the Week | 04/08/2019

We’re back with the third in our series of Gaming News of the Week, an unholy triumvirate, if you will. In this weeks episode, we talk about the huge news that avid fans will no longer be able to watch […]

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Some Thoughts On Ninja’s Controversial Decision

Tyler Blevins aka Ninja, one of the most popular Fortnite streamers on Twitch right now has recently been in the news for his somewhat controversial decision to not play with female streamers. Naturally, a lot of people had an opinion […]

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Gaming Celebrates Pride Month

LGBT Pride month has grown from relative obscurity, to join the likes of Black history month as a nationally acknowledged celebration.  With that level of public awareness comes businesses trying to market themselves using Pride, gaming companies as well. Twitch […]