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EA Returns To Steam

EA have announced that their titles will be making their way back to Steam in a new partnership, which kicks off with the launch of Jedi: Fallen Order on November 15th, which is now available for pre-purchase. EA’s subscription service, […]

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Valve Announces Index VR Headset And Peripherals

Valve took the gaming world by storm yesterday when they announced details on their long anticipated Index, a brand new VR kit designed for the discerning virtual gamer. At $999 for the whole system, the new platform is pretty pricey, […]

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Steam Store Will Not Ban Games Unless They Are Illegal (Or Trolling)

In a move that will prove popular amongst gaming’s anti-political correctness brigade, digital distribution platform Steam has confirmed that they will not stop games from being listed on the store unless they are explicitly illegal (or specifically designed to troll […]